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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Men's Obscure Thoughts

Madelyn also had her tempers.

As she had argued with Benjamin, she didn't talk to her after going back today.

She took a shower to wash off the faint smell of cigarettes on her body and then leaned against the wash basin while doing skin care.

Benjamin was very generous to her. She had only moved into his apartment for two days, yet he had asked his men to send several sets of high-end skincare here. Madelyn directly unpacked them and used them without asking for his permission. She thought perhaps these were men's obscure thoughts.

After all, every man liked women's tender, fragrant, and fair skin.

After applying the lotion to her upper body, she bent down to apply it to her calves. She had a good shape and such a simple movement was also extremely deductive.

At least Benjamin was a bit turned on.

He walked over and hugged her from the back. Madelyn was a bit startled, but she didn't push him away and let him do anything he wanted.

After a long while, he pressed his lips against her ear and asked eagerly, "Are you on your period?"

Madelyn guessed that he wasn't angry anymore and was offering her an out, so she accepted it and replied, "It came this evening."

Benjamin stopped touching her, but his body was still pressed against his back. He seemed to be in a good mood as he asked casually, "What do you want to do when this case is over? You won't teach Florence only, right?

Madelyn's mind was a mess. She replied, "I want to teach in the other place when this matter is over."

Benjamin softly bit her ear.

"I want to send you to Monatiz for further study later, is that all right?"

Madelyn sobered up a bit and immediately understood what he meant.

Their relationship wouldn't last for long. When he got bored of her later, he would send her abroad. On the one hand, it was the compensation for her; on the other hand, she wanted her to stay away from Daniel so that she wouldn't affect Eloise's marriage.

Madelyn didn't ask him if he would go abroad to see her after that.

She knew he wouldn't.

When he sent her abroad, it meant their relationship would come to an end.

Madelyn was willing to comply with it if this was his rule. She wasn't a greedy woman.

Probably because Madelyn was very obedient, Benjamin was in a good mood. Pinching her waist, he began to tell her about a steamy affair that he heard of today. Madelyn blushed and her legs got weak.


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