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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 665

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Sima You Yue had also considered the two points that Ximen Feng had pointed out. He was right. These people were fugitives, so it wouldnt be easy to get add them to their manpower. More than just accepting them, they had to consider their past issues as well.

Lets cross that bridge when it comes to it. She looked at Ximen Feng furrowing his eyebrows and said, Actually, its not like its impossible to solve that problem.

Youve already thought of a solution? Ximen Feng looked at her with a hopeful gaze. In the past, no matter what problems they had, they just had to tell her and she would think of something.

If we are able to increase our power, we can just expand to the point in which their opponents wouldnt dare to take revenge. Sima You Yue said.

Ximen Fengs eyes shone as he cried out with a smile, I knew you could think of something!

As long as they grew powerful enough, nobody would dare mess with them lightly. Even if their opponents knew where they were, who would dare come and mess with them? At that point, they just had to step out and mediate and those old grudges would be settled.

If the grudges couldnt be solved, then they would just take it as it came. Anyway, they could try to kill one person, but who would dare fight the entire group backing them?

Of course, whos the older one here? Sima You Yue said cockily.

Yes yes, youre the boss. Ximen Feng said with a smile. Since its been decided, Ill have to start making the proper preparations. Otherwise, they wont have any resources to use for cultivation when they come.

Yeah. we can plan this together thoroughly. Sima You yue said, Im still a student of a sect right now, so I dont have much time. Ill have to leave the rest of the things to you.

Relax, Ill settle the things well. Ximen Feng said.

Ive never worried when it came to your ability. Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to pat Ximen Feng on the head, just like she used to. However, its better to remain low-key with this. Thats why, for the Kong Valley

I know what I should tell them. Im just afraid that it may be tougher with regards to Xiang Yi. Ximen Feng said.

Xiang Yi is a good girl. What are your intentions towards her? If you are interested in her, we should marry her. Although youre the sole survivor of our Ximen clan, but youre just like Little Rox in this aspect., You have more than enough to accompany the Young Miss of the Kong Valley. If youre not interested in her, you should make things clear from the onset. Dont tie the the young maiden to you. Itd be a waste of her time. Sima You Yue looked at him pointedly.

I understand. Ximen Feng replied.

What do you mean you understand? You understand how you feel towards her? Or you understand what I mean? Sima You Yue beamed at him, Tell me, do you like her or not?

Sis, what are you asking me this for? We were talking about expanding our influence. Ximen Feng said evasively.

It because Im worried about this, okay! Sima You Yue retracted her hand and said, Youre the only one left of our Ximen Clan. You have the responsibility to carry on our bloodline. Open up the branches and let the leaves grow. It would be best if you could give birth to a whole bunch of babies, and let them do the same. The earlier the Ximen Clan can flourish, the better.

Sis, youre really not the one who blame for what happened back then. Youre placing too much blame on yourself. Ximen Feng suddenly said.

The smile on Sima You Yues face slowly faded away as she leaned on the back of the chair. She let the sun shine on her face as she closed her eyes, letting warm streams of tears flow down her face.

If it were not because of me if it were not because of me She never stopped thinking about what happened, and was never truly at rest.

Even if she could defeat all of her enemies and exterminate the entirety of the Zong Zheng Clan and the Yin Yang palace, she would never be at peace. Because the relatives that died would never come back, and the beautiful lives lost would never return.

Sister, if mother and father knew that you kept blaming yourself, they would definitely worry even in the spirit world.


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