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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 666

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Kong Xiang Yis face was burning when she heard what Sima You Yue said. She never thought that Ximen Feng would help her out of this situation. When she thought of what Sima You Yue said, she felt as if she didnt know how to face him anymore.

She thought of just leaving for now, but she had come to look for him for something, so she had no choice but to remain in the courtyard and wait for him with her blushing face.

Ximen Feng brought Sima You Yue directly to the bed and changed her blanket.

I know that Xiang Yi came to look for you for something. Go ahead. Sima You Yue said to Ximen Feng after she lay down.

Just now, she had teased her again and again, but Kong Xiang Yi, who had left for a long time to check out the news of that situation, would definitely have brought back some news to discuss with Ximen Feng.

Ximen Feng guessed it too and helped her smooth out her blanket before instructing, Lie down properly. If you want to go out, I can bring you out for some sun again tomorrow.

Okay. Sima You Yue replied.

Ximen Feng walked out and she said to him as he opened the door, If you want to head out, remember to take Little Roc with you.

Okay. Ximen Feng knew that if he brought Little Rco with him, a whole group of old birds would definitely tag along. Otherwise, he would also be able to find some other bird clan to accompany them.

She was truly worried about him. She guessed that the one who attacked him back then was extremely strong, and knew that he would go back for revenge. Since he wouldnt be able to eradicate them at the root, at the very least, he should do something that would cause them to spit blood.

Little Roc would not have to step on the battlefield personally, but the same wasnt so for those protecting him. Especially so for that time when something happened to Sima You Yue. It was because the opponents had forced Ximen Feng to release his seal. Thats why Little Roc and the others wanted to take revenge on Sima You Yues behalf as well!

Sima You Yue was aware of how Little Roc and the others felt, which was why she said what she did earlier.

She thought of how Ximen Feng looked so worried when he left, and let out a soft sigh, Sigh, my injuries to my soul and consciousness are really problematic this time.

She character was one that made it hard for her to sit still, so with her forced bed rest these few days, it was truly torture!

Ximen Feng came to the courtyard, and when Kong Xiang Yi saw him, her blush that she just managed to get rid of, appeared on her cheeks once again.

Shes been bored these few days, so she was just joking with you. Ximen Feng unconsciously explained when he saw her acting this way.

Then.. what do you really think? Although Kong Xiang Yis cheeks were red, she still looked fiercely into Ximen Fengs eyes.

They were the only two left behind, and he was already well aware of how she felt, so she naturally wanted to hear his reply as well.

If she held any place in his heart, all her feelings these past few years would finally receive their reply. However, if she had no place there, what was she to do? Give up?

No! She liked him, and she wouldnt let go of him easily. If he really cared nothing for her, then she would just remain by his side, so that she would be the only one he could see. Maybe then, she would get her wish one day?

Although she had already prepared her heart, she couldnt help that it was beating quicker. Would he respond to her? Or would he avoid it like he always did?

To her surprise, Ximen Feng raised his hand and tucked a loose strand of hair that the wind had tossed about behind her ear. My current status isnt good enough for you.

Kong Xiang Yis heart that had been fluttering about in the skies because of his action fell to the ground in one fell swoop. So it was this kind of answer


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