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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 667

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Kong Xiang Yi handed over the item she was inspecting over to Ximen Feng, saying, The ones who attacked me were the Orchid Redolence Sect and Innumerable Scarlet Cloud Sect.

How did those two sects end up working together? Ximen Feng was rather puzzled when he saw the item in her hand.

Strange, right? Kong Xiang Yi said, Innumerable Scarlet Cloud Sect appears to be on good terms with our Kong Valley, but who would have known that he would have plotted against us like this behind our backs.

Yeah. I didnt expect that so many problems would arise for the Kong valley after news of the ore vein had been leaked. Ximen Feng said, Have we found out who was the one who spread the news of the ore vein?

We have. Father and the others have already dealt with him. Kong Xiang Yi said, The fact that we have discovered that ore vein has really evoked jealousy in others.

Did anything else happen apart from this? Ximen Feng asked.

Yeah. Kong Xiang Yi said, We found out that Orchid Redolence Sects head is leaving the sect today. Do you have any interest in going to kill him?

Was he part of the people who surrounded us?

Orchid Redolence Sect was part of the team he led.

When do we head out?


Such a rush?

We have to set up an ambush first, and Lan Fangs clansmen are about to head out.

Alright, give me a moment.

Ximen feng wanted to look for Little Roc. Sima You Yue said that he had to take him along if he wanted to head out. However, before he had taken two steps, he saw Little Roc walking over with a group of people.

Yue Yue said that you would definitely head out, and that we were to go with you. Little Roc said.

Ximen Feng was rather surprised when he saw the people by Little Rocs side. Didnt they come from inside the spirit pagoda? What were they doing outside? Could it be that the spirit pagodas existence had been revealed to Jing Wen?

Jing Wen stayed in the house for only a short while before Yue Yue chased him away. Little Roc explained.

Thats good. You guys can come with us.

Kong Xiang Yi took out a temporary array and placed it on the ground before activating it. Then, she led the group of them out of the heavenly city.

Ima You Yue was unable to feel the happenings of the outside, but she guessed that Ximen Feng and the others had already left as she lay on the bed and thought about what Jing Wen had told her about just now.

He said, You Yue, you should quickly get better okay? This way, we can participate in the great alchemy masters gathering in Chimes city.

She wasnt that interested in the meeting of alchemists, but she was rather interested in what he said after that.

Its just a meeting of the alchemists, what are you so excited about?

Of course Im excited. There will be a competition held in thealchemist meeting in Chimes city. I heard that many genius alchemists will participate.

I dont know those people, so Im not interested. Sima You Yue said with a yawn.

I heard that many alchemists will come in from the inner regions. Jing Wen said.


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